of 9 December 1996


I. Information on the management system and on the organization of the establishment with a view to major accident prevention

This information shall contain the elements given in Annex III.

II. Presentation of the environment of the establishment

A. description of the site and its environment including the geographical location, meteorological, geological, hydrographic conditions and, if necessary, its history;

B. identification of installations and other activities of the establishment which could present a major-accident hazard;

C. description of areas where a major accident may occur.

III. Description of the installation

A. description of the main activities and products of the parts of the establishment which are important from the point of view of safety, sources of major-accident risks and conditions under which such a major accident could happen, together with a description of proposed preventive measures;

B. description of processes, in particular the operating methods;

C. description of dangerous substances:

1. inventory of dangerous substances including:

the identification of dangerous substances: chemical name, CAS number, name according to IUPAC nomenclature,

the maximum quantity of dangerous substances present or likely to be present;

2. physical, chemical, toxicological characteristics and indication of the hazards, both immediate and delayed for man and the environment;

3. physical and chemical behaviour under normal conditions of use or under foreseeable accidental conditions.

IV. Identification and accidental risks analysis and prevention methods

A. detailed description of the possible major-accident scenarios and their probability or the conditions under which they occur including a summary of the events which may play a role in triggering each of these scenarios, the causes being internal or external to the installation;

B. assessment of the extent and severity of the consequences of identified major accidents;

C. description of technical parameters and equipment used for the safety of installations.

V. Measures of protection and intervention to limit the consequences of an accident

A. description of the equipment installed in the plant to limit the consequences of major accidents;

B. organization of alert and intervention;

C. description of mobilizable resources, internal or external;

D. summary of elements described in A, B, and C above necessary for drawing up the internal emergency plan prepared in compliance with Article 11.

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