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Zimbabwe: Landuse in Dry Tropical Savannas


Impala The impala is the most abundant antelope in southern Africa. Because of their large numbers, the impala is prey to most predators. They are found in small herds of up to 50 individuals. Much larger groups are however not uncommon. They are fleet-footed and when alarmed can execute a series of graceful leaps, each of which can carry them for at least 10 meters. They are usually found along perennial rivers, where there is short grass and medium to dense bush. They take both browse and graze.

Only the males have horns. The rams have a shoulder height of 90cm and have a mass of 50kg. During the mating season the rams gather around them "harems" of ewes which they constantly have to fight for to keep them within their camp.

Source, C.Degraaff, 1992

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