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Zimbabwe: Landuse in Dry Tropical Savannas

Geographical location of the study area

ZW map

The study area is bounded by the following geographical coordinates; Between 21 and 23 degrees South and 30 and 32 degrees East

The Limpopo valley is within the tropics The word 'tropics' refers to the area lying between the latitudes marking the "turning" of the sun and should therefore include all regions between the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer.

Roughly one-third of the land area of the earth is in the tropical zones. About thirty percent of the world's population lives there. The tropics provide at least a fifth of the world's food supplies, over half of the world's production of precious and semi-precious minerals, and the bulk of the oil and natural gas production and reserves.

The Limpopo valley constitutes a single ecozone , that is, an area with fairly homogeneous ecological characteristics.

The aim of the study is to outline an integrated approach for sustainable natural resources management and nature conservation strategy in a fragile ecosystem , a dry savanna system in southern Africa.

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