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Parts of the Federal District

The Federal District is divided in 16 political zones (delegaciones), which are:

1) Alvaro Obregón,
2) Azcapotzalco,
3) Benito Juárez,
4) Coyoacán,
5) Cuajimalpa,
6) Cuauhtémoc,
7) Gustavo A. Madero,
8) Iztacalco,
9) Iztapalapa,
10) Magdalena Contreras,
11) Miguel Hidalgo,
12) Milpa Alta,
13) Tláhuac,
14) Tlalpan,
15) Venustiano Carranza
16) Xochimilco

Land Use. Main uses of Federal District land are industry and residential. The following graphics show the distribution of land uses.

Industrial Distribution. In 1987 major industrial activity was carried out in the north part of the Federal District, in Azcapotzalco (27.41% of the total), followed by Iztapalapa, Gustavo A. Madero and Miguel Hidalgo, also in the north part, with 16.10, 13.48 and 12.34%, respectively.

Residential Distribution. Major concentrations of habitation in 1987 were Iztapalapa with 16.36% of the total, followed by Gustavo A. Madero (11.93%), Alvaro Obregn (9.63%) and Tlalpan (9.87%).

Green Areas Distribution. The Federal District is poor in green areas (parks etc.), with most of them located in the south part of the city. Milpa Alta delegation represents 32.31% of the total with around 28,000 square kilometers followed by Tlalpan (30.31%) and Xochimilco (11.94%).

Further information, provided by the local government (in spanish), can be found at http://www.ddf.gob.mx/delegaciones/delegaciones.html.



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