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India : Sustainable Urban Development

Case Study Report

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Roorkee is a flower-shaped town spread over a flat terrain with grand spectale of Himalyan ranges flanking it in the East and the North-East. The dominant feature of the town is the Upper Ganges Canal which flows north-South and bisects the town. The canal has elevated embankments flanked with huge masonary lions built in 18th Century.

The distinctive features of the town is that the town is not heavily industrised; therefore the impacts of industrilization do not dominate the city's system but are among the several other contributory factors. Hence the impact of urbanisation can be assessed independantally. In this respect too, the city is representative of a very large number of similar urban system

Objectives:   The main objective of this project is to contribute towards the effective planning and management of natural resources of the region. It aims to develop an information network for wide dissemination of the output of the project using a multi-media training tool and develop institutional capabilities in the developing countries.

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