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New Delhi,
India : Sustainable Urban Development

Case Study Report

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New Delhi, the capital of India, is the third largest city in India, surpassed in population only by Calcutta and Bombay. New Delhi lies immediately to the the south of what is considered old Delhi (often referred as just "Delhi"). The present day area of New and Old Delhi is located on the west bank of the Yamuna River, a tributary of the Ganges, and is landlocked by Haryana to the North, South, and West and Uttar Pradash to the East.

New Delhi : an urban catastrophe
New Delhi is ranked among the top five most polluted cities in the world and the situation could worsen still since the city government recently refused to implement toxic emission limits of the city's millions of vehicles. A blue and brown haze of pollution often hangs over New Delhi's streets and cyclists are forced to wear face masks for protection against the smog. The incidence of respiratory illness in the Indian capital is 12 times the national average, the Central Pollution Control Board says and estimates that 2,000 metric tonnes of poisonous gases and 300 million litres of waste water and corrosive liquid by-products, are pumped into New Delhi's environment each day. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydro carbons and sulphur dioxide are among the most common airborne pollutants in New Delhi.

Meri Dilli Meri Shan (My pride, Delhi)......

Objectives:   The main objective of this project is to contribute towards the effective planning and management of natural resources of the region. It aims to develop an information network for wide dissemination of the output of the project using a multi-media training tool and develop institutional capabilities in the developing countries.

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