EIAxpert: An Expert System for screening-level   EIA

Fedra, K., Winkelbauer, L. and Pantulu. V.R. (1991)
Expert Systems for Environmental Screening.
  An Application in the Lower Mekong Basin.   RR-91-19. International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. A-236l Laxenburg, Austria. 169p.

Table of Contents

1   Environmental Impact Assessment: Background and State of the Art
2   Environmental Impact Assessment Methods
2.1   Ad hoc methods
2.2   Checklists and matrices
2.3   Overlays
2.4   Networks and diagrams
2.5   Cost-benefit analysis
2.6   Modeling

Expert Systems for Environmental Impact Assessment
3.1   Artificial Intelligence and expert systems
3.2   Basic concepts behind expert systems
3.3   Expert systems in environmental modeling
3.4   Types of applications
3.5   Benefits from expert systems

4   Environmental Problems of Water Resources Development
in the Lower Mekong Basin

4.1   The river and its basin
4.2   Environmental determinants of development
4.3   Water resources
4.4   Environmental problems
4.4.1   Watershed degradation
4.4.2   Erosion
4.4.3   Acidification of soils in the Delta
4.4.4   Soil salinization in the Korat plateau
4.4.5   Problem soils: danger of desertification as a result of improper exploitation
4.4.6   Inundation control and its effects on fisheries
4.4.7   Toxic biocidal levels in edible organisms
4.4.8   Waterborne diseases
4.4.9   Rural potable water supply in problem areas
4.5   Program of action to solve the problem
4.6   Conclusion

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