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Project Self assessment
Form SA Project No.: EN 1006 (EN)

Project title:

ECOSIM - Ecological and environmental monitoring and simulation system for management decision support in urban areas

Work-programme (15 December 1994) task:

Task EN2.3 - Environmental Management Support Systems

A. Assessment of work done during the reporting period.

In its overall third year the project was back on track after the withdrawal of the initial coordinator Smith as a consequence of the red-flag procedure and in-depth review in December 1996 has led to the need to prepare a modified Technical Annex for the project and reissue the contracts. This resulted in unexpected delays in 1997, with a consequent extension of the project by six months to December 1998.

The extension of the project's scope (as requested as part of the in-depth review in December 1996: full integration of the two water tasks: integration of the POM Coastal Water Quality Model and the groundwater modeling) for the Athens case study have been completed as schedules, and were included in the Athens validation study.

In particular, POM has been fully integrated in the final Demonstrator Release (R1.0) as an example of both a fully interactive model and a potentially remote server implementation.

From a substantive point of view the project has made very good progress along all the work packages, notably the development of the demonstrator, the final integration of the component models and their data, model testing and calibration, validation issues, and the user group.

Based on the technical guidelines defined at the Athens meeting in April 1997, work on the integration of the various models into the Demonstrator continued on schedule leading to the final version of the Demonstrator used in the validation studies at the three validation sites Athens, Berlin, and Gdansk where the operational system was implemented as planned.

As a consequence based on the results of the CEO's measurements on network bandwidth and reliability (see deliverable D04.02), and due to technical limitations with network (Internet) access, the emphasis on the Demonstrator implementation was on local area networks (LAN), in particular in Berlin and Gdansk.



During the reporting period, work on the following Work Packages was in progress:

  • WP 01: Project Management:
    • Continuing maintenance of the ECOSIM Project Web Server: More than 50,000 full-page GET requests (on .html files only) have been recorded during the period January to December 1998.
    • maintenance of the ECOSIM mail group ( and more than 2,000 messages exchanged between the project partners have accumulated in the respective mail folder to date.
  • WP 02: Dissemination and User Group Activities:
    • participation and demo at the Barcelona TAP Meeting
    • participation in the TAP Concertation Meetings
    • participation in the ENWAP Meetings (Szentendre, Brussels)
    • participation and presentation at the IST'98 in Vienna
    • preparation of user group mailing lists, design and production of a project brochure
    • update of web server, installation of interactive User Group registration form on the ECOSIM web server (, implementation of a full-text search facility for the ECOSIM web pages (http://www.ess.coa.t/ECOSIM/search.html).
  • WP 05: Building the Demonstrator
    • implementation of the final Demonstrator Release (R1.0 April 1998)
    • implementation of fully integrated http client-server protocol for the validation site implementations;
    • configuration and implementation of the Demonstrator system at the three validation sites in Athens, Berlin, and Gdansk.
  • WP 06: Validation Berlin:
    • configuration and implementation of the ECOSIM system at the Stadtsenat by the GMD
    • test of the system in operational context
    • preparation of the Report on validation (Berlin)
  • WP 07: Validation Athens:
    • implementation of the ECOSIM system at the Ministry of the Environment in Athens by the University of Thessaloniki with assistance from the University and technical University of Athens
    • test of the ECOSIM system in an operational context
    • preparation of the Report on validation (Athens)
  • WP 08: Validation Gdansk:
    • completion of the data compilation for Gdansk
    • configuration and implementation of the ECOSIM system for the City of Gdansk through the Technical University of Gdansk
    • test use of the system in an operational setting
    • preparation of the Report on validation (Gdansk)
  • WP 9: Exploitation Plan:
    • identification of potential users (address data base)
    • completion of the final Exploitation Plan
  • WP 10: Evaluation:
    • an updated version of the Validation Plan (Deliverable D10.01) was presented in Brussels
    • participation in the 4th Special Workshop on Evaluation/Validation
    • completion of the Final Validation Plan (D10.01).
    • completion of the Evaluation Report (D10.02) based on the three site validation reports.


Project Manager: Dr. Kurt Fedra     Signed ............................................. Date: 10.12.1998

B. Current project status

As of December 1998
(Project completion date)
Number Comments, problems with deadlines
Work packages on/before target 1 - 10
all work packages completed
Work packages delayed D10.2 under revision
Deliverables submitted in reporting period D05.01, D05.02, D06.01, D07.01, D08.01, D10.01, D10.2
all Deliverables completed
(D10.2 under revision)
Deliverables acknowledged by DG XIII

Late deliverables - for reporting period

C. Work done

Are project objectives being met? Yes Despite a difficult start and red flag procedure after the frist year, change of project coordinator, consequent cash flow problems and considerably delayed funding for the Polish partners, the project was back on schedule and could be completed as planned by the end of 1998.
Is work done within the project budget? Yes After the overall delay (and forced under-spending) in the second half of 1997, also the project effort and expeditures were back on schedule and according to plan in 1998
Major achievements within reporting period * completion of the final Demonstrator for the validation sites
* completion of data and model scenario preparations for the validation sites Berlin, Athens, and Gdansk
* installation of the demonstrator at the three sites
* successful completion of the validation phase at all three validation sites
* preparation of the Report on Validation (Athens, Berlin, Gdanks)
* preparation of the Exploitation Plan and start of exploitation activities
* completion of all project Deliverables.
Details of expected end-products Type/Comments
ECOSIM (AirWare, CityWare)

a modular software framework and set of component models for urban environmental management, targeted at city administrations (see Exploitation Plan, D09.01)

D. Outline proposed changes to plan

NO changes to plan in 1998.

E. Expectations for Implementation and/or Exploitation

A first complete version of the demonstrator was made available for installation at the three validation sites in the beginning of 1998. The final version of the Demonstrator is currently operational at all three validation sites.
As basis for the exploitation efforts a number of databases of potential users for ECOSIM have been compiled and merged into an ECOSIM address database.
In addition the on-line registration at the ECOSIM web server at ESS has provided additional contacts.

The results of the ECOSIM project are now being integrated in the commercial product (AirWare, distributed by ESS) to include both the models and offers for related consultancy by the project partners.

F. Commission Services observations
(to be completed by the Project Officer)

Commission Project Officer ................................ Signed .......................... Date..............

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