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Project Self assessment -
Form SA Project No.: EN 1006 (EN)

Project title:
ECOSIM - Ecological and environmental monitoring and simulation system for management decision support in urban areas

Work-programme (15 December 1994) task:
Task EN2.3 - Environmental Management Support Systems

A. Assessment of work done during the reporting period.

The withdrawal of the initial coordinator Smith as a consequence of the red-flag procedure and in-depth review in December 1996 has led to the need to prepare a modified Technical Annex for the project and reissue the contracts. This resulted in unexpected delays both in the first reimbursement payments (against the January to June 1996 cost statements) as well as in issuing the INCO contract and advance payment for the Polish partners.

As a consequence, delays in the Polish case study, and serious cash flow problems for most partners have resulted, leading to reduced activities in several areas, in particular for technical meetings and staff exchange (travel expenses).

However, from a substantive point of view the project has made very good progress along several work packages, notably the development of the demonstrator, preparation of the component models and their data, model testing and calibration, validation issues, and the user group. So in spite of all the serious administrative problems the project has recovered to its original time table during the first half of 1997.

The extension of the project's scope (as requested as part of the in-depth review in December 1996: full integration of the two water tasks: integration of the POM Coastal Water Quality Model and the groundwater modeling) for the Athens case study have made good progress. In particular, POM has been fully integrated in the current Demonstrator Release (R0.3; Release R0.4 is in preparation for release in December) as an example of both a fully interactive model and a potentially remote server implementation.

Also, the sensitivity analysis to explore the potential benefits of coupling POM and the meteorological simulation model MEMO were complete, and the results reported at the last Management Board and Technical Meeting in Athens, April 1997.

Based on the technical guidelines defined at the Athens meeting, work on the integration of the various models into the Demonstrator continued on schedule.

A change in emphasis for the client-server implementation in ECOSIM follows from the results of the CEO's measurements on network bandwidth and reliability (see deliverable D04.02). The measurements demonstrated that currently the Internet (at least the connections between the partners in Berlin, Athens, and Gdansk) is not yet sufficiently reliable as the backbone for operational client-server applications. As a consequence, more emphasis will have to be put on either dedicated connections (like B-ISDN) or integration of the model server into local area networks (LANS) at the end user institutions.



During the reporting period, work on the following Work Packages was in progress:
  • WP 01: Project Management:
    • Changes to the project working plan (Preparation of the new Project Programme (Technical Annex);
      (The TA was completed and submitted to the Commission by February 1997; the documents were processed by the Commission for signature by the parters by October 1997).

    • Continuing maintenance of the ECOSIM Project Web Server: More than 20,000 full-page GET requests (on .html files only) have been recorded during the period January to October 1997.

    • maintenance of the ECOSIM mail group ( and more than 1,120 messages exchanged between the project partners have accumulated in the respective mail folder to date.

  • WP 02: Dissemination and User Group Activities:
    • participation in the 4th TAP Concertation Meeting
    • participation in ETMC5 Meeting
    • preparation of user group mailing lists, design and production of a project brochure
    • update of web server, installation of interactive User Group registration form on the ECOSIM web server (, implementation of a full-text search facility for the ECOSIM web pages (http://www.ess.coa.t/ECOSIM/search.html).
    • presentations of ECOSIM, e.g., at the 1st Int. SATURN Workshop (a subproject of EUROTRAC-2) in Thessaloniki, Greece, August 1997, and. "Athens Air Quality", in Pollutec 97, Paris, October 1997; and during a workshop of the Greek "Human Network for Air Pollution Simulation-HYDRA" held in Athens, Greece, during April 1997.
  • WP 04: Definition of Functional Specifications
    • Delivery of DRAFT final version of Deliverable D04.2, Specification of Electronic Interfaces by the CEO; the draft report analyzed connectivity and bandwidth of the network connections (Internet) between the project partners' sites.
  • WP 05: Building the Demonstrator
    • implementation of a new Demonstrator Release (R0.2 April 1997)
    • implementation of fully integrated http client-server protocol and test example (GMD-ESS);
    • implementation of new observation data (time series) for Athens
    • development and implementation of the scenario definition and model output display for REGOZON and POM, client-server communication protocol
    • local integration of the air-quality forecasting model REGOZON and the coastal water quality model POM
    • design of communication protocols and cgi scripts for DYMOS, MEMO, and MUSE.
  • WP 06: Validation Berlin:
    • preparation of data and models (REGOZON, MEMO/DYMOS) for Berlin
    • definition of validation scenarios
    • contributions to the project validation plan
  • WP 07: Validation Athens:
    • definition of validation scenarios (see also: Athens Validation Scenarios).
    • preparation of data and models for Athens:
      • all model runs (MEMO & MUSE) have been completed
      • comparison with measurements has been completed for air quality data
      • statistical analysis activities for air quality data have been undertaken
      • emission reduction-control scenario analysis has already provided a significant output
    • contribution to the project validation plan
  • WP 08: Validation Gdansk:
    • preparation of data and models for Gdansk
  • WP 9: Exploitation Plan:
    • identification of potential users (address data base)
  • WP 10: Evaluation:
    • the final version of the Validation Plan (Deliverable D10.01) was submitted to Brussels
    • participation in the 3rd Special Workshop on Evaluation/Validation
    • participation in the MEGATAQ Workshop of the MEGATAQ Project (TE 2007)
    • participation and presentations at ETCM5 (Environmental Telematics Concertation Meeting) in September in Brussels


Project Manager: Dr. Kurt Fedra     Signed ............................................. Date: 10.11.1997

B. Current project status

As at (end of reporting date) Number Comments, problems with deadlines
Work packages on/before target 01, 02, 03, 04, 06, 09, 10

Work packages delayed 05, 07, 08
lack of funding due to red flag procedure / change of coordinator / delayed INCO contract for the Polish participants
Deliverables submitted in reporting period D04.01, D04.02, D04.03, D04.04, D04.05, D10.01

Deliverables acknowledged by DG XIII

Late deliverables - for reporting period

C. Work done

Are project objectives being met? Yes despite lack of funding due to red flag procedure and subsequent delayed INCO contract for the Polish participants, the major goals in development and evaluation of the Demonstrator and its components are met However, the administrative and financial difficulties resulted an overall delay in the second half of 1997
Is work done within the project budget? Yes lack of funding forced partners to work with reduced/limited resources, leading to an overall delay (and forced under-spending) in the second half of 1997
Major achievements within reporting period * major progress on the adaptation and calibration of the component simulation models
* development of a first version of the demonstrator (R0.3) with generic interfaces to access the complete set of models
* completion of the final validation plan D10.01
* data preparation and definition of the validation scenarios for the three validation sites
* preparation of the revised Project Programme for contract amendment number 1
Details of expected end-products Type Comments

Name: ECOSIM (CityWare)

a modular software framework and set of component models for urban environmental management, targeted at city administrations

D. Outline proposed changes to plan

Major problems resulted from the aftermath of the red flag procedure and the project coordinator transition from Smith to ESS. As a result of having to issue amended contracts and the consequent delay of the reimbursement for the first 18 months of the project most partners have reported serious cash flow problems. This has lead to an overall delay of activities in the second half of 1997, e.g., the cancellation of a planned Management Board and technical meeting in September due to lack of travel funds.

Due to the delay of the contract amendments the issuing of the INCO contract and advance payment for the Polish partners is delayed as well. As a consequence, delays in the Polish case study have resulted.

Therefor, the project will seek a three to six months extension (without budget implications) to provide enough time for the Polish Case Study to be completed as originally planned.

E. Expectations for Implementation and/or Exploitation

A first complete version of the demonstrator will be installed at the three validation sites by the end of project month 24. A preliminary version of the Demonstrator (R0.3) is already operational in Berlin at the GMD.
As basis for the exploitation efforts a number of databases of potential users for ECOSIM have been compiled and merged into an ECOSIM address database.
An ECOSIM leaflet has been designed ready for printing and distribution.
In addition an on-line registration was implemented as part of the ECOSIM web server at ESS.

F. Commission Services observations
(to be completed by the Project Officer)

Commission Project Officer ................................ Signed .......................... Date..............

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