air quality management information system
for urban and industrial applications

Application examples (Republic of Cyprus) from Release 5.2.1, Development Version, fully web based, real-time framework with hourly nowcasts, daily forecasts including 3D dynamic meteorology derived from global forecasts with MM5 down to 3-1 km resolution, 3D ozone photochemistry; AERMOD, PBM, CAMx, optional MM5 pre-processor, emission inventories and dynamic emisison modeling, monitoring data analysis.

System main menu

On-line Manual TOC

On-line Manual page

AERMOD: scenario selection

AERMOD: meteo scenario and results

AERMOD:detailed model results

AERMOD: detailed model results

CAMx NOx nowcast, national scope

CAMx emission scenario editing

CAMx NOx nowcast details, national

CAMx NOx nowcast details, local

CAMx NOx nowcast details, local

CAMx ozone forecast: 00:00

CAMx national ozone forecast: 10:00

CAMx national ozone forecast: 19:00

CAMx scenario selection

CAMx nested grid subdomain

CAMx meteorology scenario overview

Object data base: climate station

CAMx wind field preview

MM5 meteorology forecast

PBM photochemical 24 hour forecast

PBM meteorology scenario

PBM emission scenario

Object data base: emission pattern

Object data base: model domains

Object data base: domain definition

Embedded GIS: map composition

Embedded GIS: map catalog

Map catalog and previewer

Monitoring stations

Time series data availability

Monitoring stations: Larnaka airport

Object administrative data

Monitoring time series display

Monitoring data display

AQ Monitoring windshed

Station/Variable comparision

Histogram display

Data correlation

Outlier detection

Emission inventory

Thermal Power Station

Small Stacks ranking/selection

Single Source impact assessment

Line sources, ranking, selection

Individual line source data

Line source impact model

Detailed model results, overview

Detailed model results, zoomed in

Detailed model results, zoomed in again

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