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air pollution and environmental impact assessment:
the mutlimedia information source

Point Source Model

To evaluate a single emission source (industrial point source with an elevated stack), the example demonstrates the interdependency of meteorological and stack parameters and shows estimated concentrations downwind from a stack in 1D or 2D graphs, respectively.

User selected parameter are:

  • Emission rate (g/s)
  • Wind speed (m/s)
  • Air temperature (degree C)
  • Stability Class (Pasquill)
  • Stack height (m)
  • Stack diameter (m)
  • Exit temperature (degree C)
  • Distance from stack (display parameter)
  • 1D/2D switch (display parameter)
The applet shows groundlevel concentration versus downwind distance from the stack, as well as the plume rise versus the physical stack height. Two scenarios (current and last) can be compared in the 1D case.

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