Advanced Training System
for Emergency Management


Within the overall framework of the IST Programme for a user-friendly information society, Key Action III, Multimedia content and Tools, The A-TEAM proposal directly addresses the central objective of III.3.3. Advanced training systems, "to develop and demonstrate radically new approaches for improving the future training and re-training of the work force, building on new cognitive approaches enabled by emerging technologies."

The basic approach a A-TEAM, the combined use of artificial intelligence knowledge-based systems and advanced simulation techniques together with the related visualisation for the dynamic and interactive generation of multimedia content proposes a new paradigm for computer based training systems. The overall objective of the Key Action III "to improve the functionality, usability and acceptability of future information products and services" is the starting point for the proposed project: building a better training system for a technically demanding application domain by integrating advanced information technologies such as knowledge-based systems including a real-time expert system, case-based reasoning, and advanced simulation modeling with dynamic 3-D codes and associated visualisation and animation methods. The use of modern tools and standards based on a client-server architecture using TCP/IP, http, and CORBA, the use of XML/CSS, VRML and Java3D is designed to achieve these objectives as well as interoperability and the possibility to also include legacy multi-media content. At the same time, it opens the way to exploit future development of the Internet with a distributed architecture based on intelligent agents.

The use of artificial intelligence methods integrated with simulation models for dynamic and interactive content generation addresses the requirement that "The multidisciplinary RTD should cover intelligent, adaptable learning environments and new multimedia content, supporting the processes applied in real training situations. ... The focus will be on the application of simulation and animation, 3-D visualisation and immersive virtual reality, knowledge management." All the above features are represented in the approach proposed for A-TEAM. The test applications in real training situations both for industrial users and government agencies will provide the opportunity to evaluate the methodology to respond to the requirement that: "The work is expected to provide evidence of improved learning processes and associated benefits, for just-in-time training and lifelong learning in general, for individuals a corporations."

As foreseen in the call for the IST Programme on a user-friendly information society, the A-TEAM approach is also user-driven through the representation of end-users in the consortium, emphasising the increasing involvement of the user in innovative content and knowledge- based applications.

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